Pipeline Integrity Systems

A certified and highly qualified company, SITEPP has the support of a variety of Certification Organizations for SYSTEMS DESIGNED TO DETECT PIPELINE LEAKS, including the following services:

  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Provision and installation of measurement and telecommunications equipment, particularly for those cases where clients do not have such availability
  • Preparation and/or adaptation of procedures, following guidelines set by Environmental Protection and Safety Institutional Systems
  • Design and development of information systems in accordance to executive and operational requirements for emergency responses
  • Training and updates for all staff involved in the operations and maintenance of such systems, including simulations and practice runs
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Inspections and audits to confirm reliability of equipment, links, software, procedures, and human resources

“We are a leading company throughout Latin America, experts in pipeline leak detection systems” 

“We operate the most extensive operating systems in the Latin American region, fully backed and certified”