SITEPP is certified for the oil industry, including all engineering, start-up, maintenance, and other related services with multi-phase pumping systems. The company has special certifications issued by the Mexican Petroleum Institute for purposes of pumping heavy crude oil at offshore facilities.


For the progressive cavity pumping system:


  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Hydraulic modeling and simulations
  • Engineering and development of dashboards and telemetering systems
  • Analysis for the optimization of oil fields production
  • Pumping system designs to increase production
  • Preparation and/or adaptation of procedures in accordance to Pemex SSPA
  • Staff training and updates for those involved in the operations and maintenance of these systems
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Inspections, audits, and supervision of equipment operation
  • Rent to own options
  • Services including equipment rental, operations, and maintenance of installed systems

Multiphase Pumping

Custody Transfer


Water Treatment

Oil Well Depths

Top Applications in the Oil Industry:

  • Multiphase fluids (oil, gas, and water)
  • Hydrocarbon condensates
  • Clean and contaminated sludge
  • Sludge with scraps
  • Diesel handling
  • Formation water and seawater
  • Oil sludge
  • Flocculants measuring
  • Chemical measuring
  • Well testing
  • Tank cleaning
  • Crude transfers
  • Centrifuges and decanters supply
  • Centrifugal discharge
  • Chemical dosing (defoamers, corrosion inhibitors, etc.)

In Mexico, SITEPP represents PCM, a French company founded in 1932 by René Moineau, inventor of the progressive cavity pump. PCM is a global manufacturer and supplier of fluid transport solutions, widely known in the global oil industry for their leading technology.